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EQ Mentors


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WHAT DO WE DO? Guidance, treatment and professional support in person, by telephone and virtually for individuals, families and organizations.

WHY DO WE DO IT? Because we feel the need to help people restore their emotional health, heal past wounds, have healthy finances, make better decisions, and find greater purpose in their lives.

HOW DO WE DO IT? Through a process of close, human, comprehensive, person-centered accompaniment and monitoring based on specific achievements.


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EQ Mentores is a team of professionals and specialists in Mental Health and Personal Development. If what you are looking for is to solve your personal, family or work problems, achieve your goals and improve your quality of life, free yourself from addictions, define and structure your value proposition to give it greater scope and adapt and prosper in a context of great challenges then you have come to the right place.

We are also a global platform for personalized Psychology, Coaching and Mentoring programs in Virtual or Telephone mode and online Courses and Training for groups and institutions.

Our permanent support programs for users, students, parents, faculty, employees, entrepreneurs and leaders focus on the development of soft skills and work competencies.

Rubén Echavarría and Aleja Ordóñez

Real Testimonials

“What I liked most about the therapeutic process was the type of teachings and vision that I began to have. The professional who treated me showed me another path and other versions of things that until now have been very productive for me and have helped me a lot to value myself as a person and change my attitude. The professional who guided me is a very suitable person who is easy to talk to and generates trust, who listens to you and who can give you a different vision of situations.”


“I am an ordinary father of a family who had problems with my daughter. Thank God we had the opportunity to find some professionals who provided us with support that has allowed us to restore their mental, emotional and affective health. I sound a warning to those people who have a very introverted loved one. I invite you to get closer to them and, as far as possible, look for psychological tools in the professional field.”

[Family Guy]

“I am a parent and just as this therapeutic process was very helpful to me and my family, it can also be helpful to people who may be going through the same thing. Based on this, we begin to grow as people, knowing tools and reflections that we normally did not know because as parents we believe that we all know and that is a lie. It is something very genuine to express to a psychology professional that he teaches us how to recognize our mistakes and learn from them.”

[Family Guy]

“What I liked most about the therapeutic process is that the professional did not focus squarely on what I thought my problem was, but on life itself, on what it is to live and identify what my life is, how I lead it and the patterns and styles of thinking that led me to live the situations I went through and am currently going through. Thanks to the professional who guided me, I was able to see and identify and also overcome the obstacles I had that I didn't even know I had.”

Juan Esteban

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EQ Mentors is one of the lines of action of the GROUP 7A GLOBAL SAS, an interdisciplinary team with a clinical, organizational and educational approach with allies in Colombia, Spain, Mexico and other countries, which provides comprehensive distance training and support programs (eLearning and bLearning) for people and institutions.

With the GROUP 7A GLOBAL SAS, we not only provide quality content, our objectives aim to generate dynamic learning experiences.

Our mission is to enhance leadership, soft skills and socio-emotional competencies that affect the academic and work performance of human talent.

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