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What does the Online Course "Practical Philosophy for Better Living" consist of?

This 6 month course with live classes, it's a inner journey where you will learn practical bases of the classical philosophy of ancient Greece and Rome, you will broaden your perspective and understanding of life and be able to reflect on fundamental questions about existence, knowledge and reality.

Have you ever wondered what is your purpose in life? What do you need for overcome uncertainty and be happy? o What principles and tools do you need to leave your suffering behind and fulfill your deepest desires

By enrolling in this course of personal growth and ancient philosophy applied to everyday life, You will embark on an exciting adventure where you will discover the answers to these and many other questions. Additionally, you can immerse yourself in the mysteries and depths of the ancient world to understand the impact that philosophy has had on family, society, education, culture, technology, social justice and the current world around us.

Through this course, you will be able explore philosophy in a fresh and different way; not only as an old, theoretical and boring discipline, but as a practical tool to improve your life. Also, you can learn how philosophy can help you understand your place in this world, your emotions, develop your self-knowledge and improve your interpersonal relationships.

This course is perfect for young and old who want to know how philosophy relates to and enriches their worldview and their field of study and action, to find or rediscover their path to their personal and professional development. In it, you will learn to think critically and reflectively for make more conscious and accurate decisions. Additionally, it will provide you with tools to face the challenges and difficulties of your personal and professional life with more wisdom and peace of mind.

Take advantage of this unique opportunity to explore your most human dimensions and develop the potential you carry within. Give yourself the opportunity to discover how philosophy, being the mother of all disciplines, can help you build a fuller and more meaningful life. If you love yourself and can make your donation to help more people and families who do not have the necessary resources, Enter here to learn about our Patreon Program.

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Some themes you will see

Contributions of classical philosophy to our search for happiness, the origins of critical and reflective thinking, the myth of the cave transferred to the digital age, justice and social equality, the Socratic method, logic, metaphysics, ethics and politics, development of will and character, the origin of practical philosophy and much more.

Note: If the minimum of 6 registered people is not reached, we will refund 100%* of your money

*Minus the commission deducted by the payment platform

Because your growth
we care we will give a DISCOUNT of the


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With this Online Course you will be able to:

✅Immerse yourself in the world of philosophy to understand its foundations in a fresh and different way and apply its basic principles in your daily life.

✅ Learn the practical bases of the classical philosophy of ancient Greece and Rome, to broaden your life perspective.

✅ Travel to the depths of your being as you explore the fascinating history of classical philosophy and the ideas of history's most influential philosophers to develop a stronger understanding of life and its mysteries.

✅ Address relevant topics to live better, such as the search for truth, ethics, morality, happiness and self-knowledge.

✅ Discover your purpose, your inner wisdom and practical tools to be happier.

✅ Undertake an exciting adventure where you will discover the existential responses that we make at some point in our lives.

✅ Learn to think critically and reflectively to make better decisions.

✅ Explore your most human dimensions and develop the potential you carry within.

✅ Becoming part of a growth community that allows you, on the one hand, to receive professional and social support and, on the other, to be and stay on the path of constant improvement.


This Online Course includes:

☑️Training Process: Semi-personalized classes (groups between 6 and 20 people) accompanied by a qualified teacher or mentor with a minimum of 5 years of experience exercising mentoring based on principles of classical philosophy and who in turn is part of an interdisciplinary team.

☑️Satisfaction Guarantee: If you are not satisfied with your process, you can request a change in the professional or a 100%* refund of your money before the first 14 days (*Minus the commission deducted by the payment platform).

☑️User profile: There you will have the buttons and integrations to have a fluid and pleasant experience.

☑️Video conferencing platform: Virtual classrooms and private chat rooms within the EQ Mentores Discord server. If this option fails, the contingency plan will be activated by holding the class on safe and reliable platforms, such as Google Meet or Zoom.

☑️Accessories: Access to complementary content and downloadable digital resources.

☑️Access to the Telegram Group: You will have access to the “Living Better” community, a group of people passionate about self-improvement and personal development.

☑️Discounts and offers: 5% discount that can be accumulated in this course, for each referral with whom you recommend us and who enrolls together with you. In addition, 10% discounts on some of our support programs individual taught by the EQ Mentores Community. (*)Conditions and restrictions apply.


By enrolling in this Online Course you agree to the following requirements:

▶️   Virtual Form: Before your first session, you must fill out the Personal Data and Informed Consent form, where the details of the course are explained and you agree to the terms and conditions.

▶️   Physical and technical conditions: You must have a private and quiet space, a computer, tablet or cell phone, a stable internet signal and hands-free headphones. If you do not have the knowledge to connect, remember that we have a Technical Team that will be attentive to guide you during each stage of the process.

▶️   Puntuality: Our teachers and mentors must open and close sessions at specific times due to other advice and commitments, so you must enter your profile and make sure you have access 15 minutes before your session to avoid setbacks. If you cannot attend your consultation, you must cancel it 24 hours before, otherwise it will be registered as a consultation, except in the event of a calamity which must be demonstrated. Additionally, you must commit to making your payments on time to avoid interruptions and delays in the desired results.

▶️   Cancellation and Suspension: If you cancel or suspend your registration, you must notify us via email to delete your integrations. If you wish to take the course in the future, you must go through the entire activation process and creation of your user profile again.

Because your growth
we care we will give a DISCOUNT of the


to the first 6 people

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