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What does the "Free Mind" Program consist of?

In the medium term this Program aims to become a Comprehensive Treatment Center to prevent and combat the problem of addictions. Meanwhile the EQ Mentores Psychosocial Team has been accompanying some families on an outpatient basis until gather sufficient physical and economic resources to create the country headquarters. If you love yourself and can make your donation to help more people and families who do not have the necessary resources, Enter here to learn about our Patreon Program.

Currently, the Libre Mente Program is a multi-therapeutic outpatient program, where work is done in the biological, psychological, social and spiritual areas in person and/or online to provide comprehensive care and family support, focused on prevention and/or improvement. of addictions and associated disorders such as anxiety, depression, suicidal ideation and low self-esteem.

More and more young people and adults are falling into different addictions, not only to psychoactive substances, but also those associated with gambling and the internet. Imagine having a interdisciplinary team at your disposal to guide you, accompany you and provide you effective family psychotherapy tools to help you overcome addiction and make more conscious and accurate decisions from the comfort of your home or in a safe and confidential environment and also, do not you worry due to weather, distance or time lost traveling. Maybe you feel that you lose control of your will or you are a parent with one or more children who fell into addictions. From the first sessions you will be able to identify those obstacles that prevent you from moving forward and the resources you have at your disposal and that will make it easier for you to overcome your addictions.

By joining the “Libre Mente” program, through one of the discounted consulting packages, you will have access to psychological tools and strategies resilience, self-awareness and self-control. If you are looking for a comfortable and effective way to solve your addiction problems, this program may be the solution you are looking for. The duration of this program will depend on each particular case. For example, some people may begin to experience significant and profound changes after 6, 9, or 12 months.

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Because each case is different, each one must be addressed according to the conditions and particularities of each person. At a general level, addiction treatment includes diagnosis and evaluation to determine the type and degree of addiction, medical detox if necessary to eliminate the use of the substance from the body, pharmacology to help alleviate withdrawal symptoms or generate support while developing psychological abilities through individual therapy focused on identifying and change negative thought and behavior patterns that can contribute to addiction. Motivational therapy to promote self-confidence of the patient in his ability to overcome addiction, group therapy to offer you a supportive environment and the opportunity to share experiences and learn from other patients who are in similar situations, family therapy to involve the family in the treatment process, exposure therapy where the patient is gradually exposed to situations that may trigger the desire to use drugs or alcohol so that they can learn to manage those triggers and preventive monitoring process to maintain healthy lifestyle habits and prevent possible relapses

If you are not satisfied with your process, you can request a change in the professional or a 100%* refund of your money before the first 14 days.

*Minus the commission deducted by the payment platform

Because your health and well-being matters to us
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With this “Free Mind” Program you can obtain:

✅Comprehensive care in addiction treatment: You will receive comprehensive care, effective tools and family support, focused on overcoming addictions and associated disorders such as anxiety, depression, suicidal ideation and low self-esteem.

✅Accessibility: You will be able to access sessions from anywhere where there is a stable internet connection.

✅ Comfort: By not having to travel, you can have sessions from the comfort of your own home, office or any other quiet and private place you prefer.

✅ Save of time and money: Because some sessions are virtual, you will not have to travel, saving time and money.

✅ Schedule flexibility: By not having to count on travel time for some sessions, you can have more flexibility regarding session times.

✅ Privacy: By having some virtual sessions, it can be more private, as you don't have to worry about running into someone you know when leaving an office.

✅ Improve your emotional health: By providing a safe and confidential space to talk about your problems and concerns, the Mind Free program can help you improve your emotional health and overall well-being.

✅ Adjusted to your current situation: The “Free Mind” program is designed to overcome your difficulties and address your current needs.

✅ Greater continuity of the Process: By not having to interrupt the process due to travel problems, travel or illness, you can have greater continuity and therefore better results.

✅ Professional and social support: By being part of a growth community, it makes it possible for you to be and stay on the path of constant improvement.


This “Free Mind” Program includes:

☑️Process of professional support and/or preventive monitoring: You will receive personalized attention from a qualified interdisciplinary team of psychiatrists, psychologists clinicians and family members, among others, with a minimum of 10 years experience practicing psychotherapy. Each consultation lasts 60 minutes and you can take one or two per week depending on your situation. It is not recommended to allow more than two weeks to pass between sessions due to the desired results.

☑️ Satisfaction Guarantee: If you are not satisfied with your process, you can request a change in the professional or a 100%* refund of your money before the first 14 days (*Minus the commission deducted by the payment platform).

☑️User profile: There you will have the buttons and integrations to have a fluid and pleasant experience.

☑️Video conferencing platform: Virtual offices and private chat within the EQ Mentores Discord server. If this option fails, the contingency plan will be activated by carrying out the advice on safe and reliable platforms, such as Google Meet or Zoom.

☑️Confidentiality: Every mentor is governed by a Code of Professional Ethics that requires them to protect your identity, privacy and confidentiality, except for those situations where you may harm yourself or a third party.

☑️Right to emergency advice: If you require emergency advice to provide care or prevent an emotional crisis, you will have the right to request it to receive care as soon as possible.

☑️Accessories: Access to complementary content and downloadable digital resources.

☑️Access to the Telegram Group: You will have access to the “Living Better” community, a group of people passionate about self-improvement and personal development.

☑️Discounts and offers: 5% discount on your next consulting package for each referral with whom you recommend us and who joins us. In addition, 10% discounts on courses taught by the EQ Mentores Community. (*)Conditions and restrictions apply.


By activating the “Free Mind” Program you agree to the following requirements:

▶️   Virtual Form: Before your first session, you must fill out the Personal Data and Informed Consent form, where the details of the process are explained and you agree to the terms and conditions.

▶️   First Assessment Session: Before starting the online accompaniment process, the mentor must carry out a preliminary evaluation to listen to your reason for consultation and together define the action plan or topics to be addressed during the process.

▶️   Physical and technical conditions: You must have a private and quiet space, a computer, tablet or cell phone, a stable internet signal and hands-free headphones. If you do not have the knowledge to connect, remember that we have a Technical Team that will be attentive to guide you during each stage of the process.

▶️   Puntuality: Our mentors must open and close sessions at specific times due to other advice and commitments, so you must enter your profile and make sure you have access 15 minutes before your session to avoid setbacks. If you cannot attend your consultation, you must cancel it 24 hours before, otherwise it will be registered as a consultation, except in the event of a calamity which must be demonstrated. Additionally, you must commit to making your payments on time to avoid interruptions and delays in the desired results.

▶️   Cancellation and Suspension: If you cancel or suspend your membership you must notify us via email to delete your integrations. If in the future you wish to resume your process, you must carry out the entire activation and creation process of your user profile again.

Because your health and well-being matters to us
we give you a DISCOUNT on


in your first session

Schedule it without any commitment

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