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EQ Mentors

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What does the Study Group consist of?
in Clinical Psychology “Insight”?

Imagine a journey where you not only acquire knowledge, but you sharpen your clinical gaze for hit the target and transform lives. Welcome to our Study Group in Applied Clinical Psychology at the Latin American level, a place where Collaborative learning It is just the beginning of an exciting adventure.

Have you ever wanted to learn directly from professionals with more than 10 and 20 years of experience in clinical psychology? In this group your wish comes true. In each session you will approach a new level of knowledge, awareness and understanding the depths of human nature

Here the study goes beyond accumulating information. Every week we immerse ourselves in one dynamic and meaningful experience where we apply clinical psychology to the current context. This is not a simple, cold study group like many out there; This is a dynamic space where you will develop a critical and complex thinking beyond your current limits. Here each participant has the opportunity to embrace human complexity and hone their skills. argumentative skills

Algunos Participantes...

Did you know that some of the most valued skills in today's work world are critical thinking and complex thinking?

This group is your passport that will take you to discover new and interesting places of human consciousness to explore real cases from a variety of intervention models. Test your paradigms and embrace diversity of ideas. It is not just about learning, but about expand your inner gaze. By acquiring your membership you will experience, from the first sessions, the openness to new perspectives.

Take advantage of this unique opportunity to explore your most human dimensions and develop the potential you carry within.

Today is the best day to join our Applied Clinical Psychology Study Group! Tomorrow it will be at a different price, so take advantage of today's facilities. Are you ready to embark on this exciting adventure? We will wait for you!

Join our “Insight” Clinical Psychology Study Group now!

Some topics you will see...

MODULE 1: Fundamentals of Clinical Psychology, MODULE 2: Psychological evaluation, MODULE 3: Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology, MODULE 4: Ethics and Clinical Practice, MODULE 5: The Cognitive Behavioral Approach in Clinical Psychology, MODULE 6: The Psychodynamic Approach in Clinical Psychology, MODULE 7: The Humanistic Approach in Clinical Psychology, MODULE 8: Transpersonal Approach in clinical psychology, MODULE 9: Other Therapeutic Models, MODULE 10: Most Common Psychological Disorders, MODULE 11: Clinical Practice and Case Presentation, MODULE 12: Research in Clinical Psychology

Base Team

[Director General del Equipo

Psychologist from the University of San Buenaventura (2009) with studies in Practical Philosophy and certification in Organizational Coaching. He has worked as a psychotherapist at the CAFÉ Foundation, the Hernán Villa Baena Educational Institution and the Itagüí Municipal Council Educational Institution. In awareness and training programs with the Secretary of the Treasury and the National Ministry of Labor. More than 13 years of experience in individual and group work in Cognitive Therapy, Gestalt Therapy, Logotherapy and Phenomenological-existential Therapy.

Ha sido Gestor de Proyectos Psicosociales y Asesor Psicopedagógico con la Alcaldía de Medellín en Secretaria Inclusión Social, Familia y Derechos Humanos, Corporación Amor Inagotable, el Instituto Tecnológico Metropolitano (ITM), Secretaria de Participación Ciudadana, entre otros. 

Daniela Rios
[Insight Group Monitor
y Psicóloga del Equipo
EQ Mentores]

Psychologist from the Gran Colombiano Polytechnic (2023) she has a Technological Specialization in methodologies by competencies in human talent management and a Technology in human talent management at the SENA of Itagüí.

He has experience in the clinical and organizational field. He completed the diploma in Clinical Child Psychology, the Human Resources Administration course, the Development of Emotional Intelligence course in personal and work life and the SG-SST course with (ARL SURA). She has worked as a Coordinator of personnel administration processes (recruitment, selection and hiring). Execution of induction, training and coaching programs and work well-being plans. Evaluation, evolution, diagnosis, treatment, promotion and prevention of patients. Experience in group work in Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy and Brief Therapy.

A Continuous Training Adventure

Many psychologists isolate themselves to explore a lonely, boring, cold and bitter journey. Many graduates feel that they are dating many voids from the university and do nothing to fill them. Is that what you want for yourself? Probably not. Join one passionate community that values human warmth, friendship, respect and personal and professional growth. 

Here, you will not only learn but also enrich yourself with the experiences and perspectives of others. 

The adventure never ends in our continuing training group. Invest in yourself, earn stars, get free sessions and enjoy exciting surprises and rewards for your commitment and active participation. 

They are NOT Classes

The order of each session is
inspired by

Methodology of
German Seminar

with constructive debates that provide the possibility of enhancing learning
and stimulate complex thinking,
achieving up to a 75% recall
of each topic

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What are the Benefits I obtain by belonging to the Study Group?

#1 Profit
✅Review, deepen and stay updated on clinical psychology applied to today's world to develop your critical thinking, your complex thinking and your argumentative skills.
#2 Benefit
✅Analyze, propose and reflect on Real cases from different approaches, schools and intervention models to expand paradigms where each participant is the protagonist of their own process. 
#3 Benefit

✅  Acceder a artículos-resumen con los temas y las ideas principales de cada sesión.

#4 Benefit
✅Explore, compare and analyze theories, approaches, schools, models, paradigms seeking to enrich your clinical perspective. Participants discuss diagnoses, treatment plans, prognoses, professional ethics, and issues related to clinical practice based on specific cases, which helps improve clinical skills and apply theoretical knowledge in practical situations.
#5 Profit
✅Learn directly from special guests and experts related to each topic.
#6 Benefit
✅Receive personalized advice or in small groups.
#7 Benefit
✅Participate in a space for knowledge construction through healthy discussion meetings on current issues based on friendship, respect, personal and professional development, and the enjoyment that is generated by sharing and growing with others.
#8 Benefit
✅Apply to attend online or in person to people and families who come to the Social Clinic of the Growing Together Network. 
#9 Benefit
✅Access downloadable complementary materials.
#10 Profit
✅And other surprises by earning stars and free sessions for commitment and participation.

What are the Pillars of the Study Group?

Pillar #1
☑️1. Continuous Professional Development: We promote the importance of constant growth and improvement in the field of clinical psychology, providing access to continuous training, therapeutic tools and personalized mentoring.
Pillar #2
☑️ 2. Collaborative Community: We have a support network that is strengthened through interactive discussions, case analysis and access to a community of professionals with common interests.
Pillar #3
☑️ 3. Practical Tools and Exclusive Resources: We have a platform of downloadable tools, guides, and exclusive resources 24/7 that help improve psychotherapeutic practice and the development of your personal brand.
Pillar #4
☑️ 4. Self-sustainable Group: Each participant makes a minimum contribution to support the Social Clinic of the Growing Together Network and the group's fixed expenses, such as the maintenance of the video calling platform and complementary tools, call campaigns, maintenance of the blog, among others. In addition, a percentage of this contribution goes to the Network's solidarity fund to serve people and families who need treatment but do not have sufficient financial resources, and eventually generate additional income for the most committed members.

First steps

Step #1
  1. Diligence the Application Form.
Step #2
  • If you are approved by the Core Team, pay for the first discounted session of 50% or Insight or Premium Memberships to enter the 4-session Trial Period to test your participation and commitment.
Step #3
  • If you pass the 4-session Trial Period, we recommend paying for your Premium Membership to access additional downloadable resources and more sessions for less. 
Step #4
  • Enjoy, learn, grow and invite others!
  • Are you interested?

    To participate in each session, each participant must pass the Application Processn and then pay the value of your Quarterly Membership more him Value of Each Session or session package, in addition to passing the Trial period of commitment and participation.

    I have some questions...

    Yes I am interested but I need additional information

    Sounds interesting...

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    Frequent questions

    Questions we are asked most by professionals who are passionate about their growth
    Insight is synonymous with realization, revelation or enlightenment. It is a mental phenomenon by which we come to a sudden understanding of a problem and its solution. It's like having a “eureka” moment, in which we understand something clearly.  Insight refers to the ability to become aware of a situation, connecting what we are experiencing or thinking with a new understanding. It's like suddenly realizing something. as if we found the last piece of a puzzle.

    Once a week, all Thursday at 7pm Colombia hour. If you are in a country other than Colombia, Click here to convert it to your time zone.

    From one hour and a half to two hours depending on group participation.
    You will find this information at the end of this page since the values are increasing with each new quarterly call in the months January, April, July and October. For this reason we recommend that you join as soon as possible by filling out this  Application Form so you can save more.

    The value of the Membership is found below on this page and is paid quarterly only to participants who have their Insight Membership, since participants who have Premium Membership already have the membership value included.. This value increases 5% in April and October every year.

    To each participant The same fee per session is maintained for one year without being affected by the semiannual increase of each new call that only applies to new members, making those who entered in previous calls feel special. The closing dates of calls with on January 30, April, July and October.

    The value of each session and membership increases by just one 5% in April and October every yearFor this reason we recommend that you join as soon as possible by filling out this  Application Form so you can save more.
    Mixed, all sessions are broadcast virtual where everyone can participate and 1 or 2 sessions a month are held on a regular basis. in person in the cities of Envigado or Medellín for those who want to come closer. The methodology is inspired by the “German Seminar” which is a environment of dialogue and research where debate is generated by presenting a thesis, then an antithesis, and finally a synthesis. Insight takes this basic methodology, but modifies and enriches each dynamic and each role, to create a more exciting space with the practical purpose of training each participant so that, through mutual collaboration with their peers and the moderator, they generate new significant knowledge and understanding.

    Of course not. You can leave whenever you want without additional payments. Because we are truly committed to the professional development of participants, we have implemented a yellow and red card system.

    As we ensure the importance of permanence and consistency within any learning process, the instructor will eliminate from the Member Group and the Payment Group those who stop attending 3 consecutive sessions without any justification as evidence of their disinterest. In other words, After 3 yellow cards, the red card is given, having to wait until the next call to re-enter and losing the right to continue with the rate that they had been paying to continue paying the value of the current rate.

    Do you want to pay per session
    or for the Premium Membership with Discount of the


    Reserve your spot today

    (Ene, Abr, Jul y Oct)

    IMPORTANT: Do not pay your Membership until you are approved
    and pass your time of trial
    *Values in Colombian pesos


    $15,000 COP

    ✅First session without obligation and with the 50% discount

    ✅Know the group dynamics before joining

    ✅Receive the PDF "7 Tips to Stand Out as a Professional"

    Insight Membership

    $30,000 COP

    ✅Access to ONE weekly session

    ✅Articles-summary of each session

    ❌ Does not include the value of the Quarterly Membership of 10,000 COP

    Premium Membership

    $97,000 COP

    The best offer
    [Save a 20%]

    ✅Access to 4 monthly sessions

    ✅Includes the value of the Quarterly Membership

    ✅Articles-summary of each session

    ✅User profile with access to articles, books, tools and therapeutic techniques

    ✅Masterclasses and group mentoring

    ✅Possibility of belonging to the EQ Mentores team to care for our patients. (Terms and conditions apply).

    1 on 1 sessions

    4, 8 or 12 sessions

    ✅Packages of 4, 8 or 12 personalized online mentoring to accelerate your personal and/or professional development

    SUPPORTS #colpsic

    Los miembros activos del Colegio Colombiano de Psicólogos (Colpsic) son eximidos de pagar la membresía trimestral


    If you are outside of Colombia, convert each value to your local currency


    $10,000 COP

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